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Manimahesh Yatra Terms and Conditions

As a traveller, you have a role to play in Responsible tourism. We can provide a framework to achieve our goals but as a traveller your actions while on holiday and your choice of tour operator play a big part as well. We always provide the following guidelines in our pre-departure information for the places that we visit. Anna Adventures & Tours want to clarify following instructions before any query:

  • The fixed trekking routes shown in package may be shortened or increased as per trekker’s interest, but before finalizing the trip.
  • Awesome, serene and inspiring snow-bound Himalayas of Bharmour are one of nature's most beautiful gifts to mankind. As a visitor please make sure to respect all the local traditions, custom and culture, help to maintain local harmony and project the majestic natural environment.
  • Full identification document should be submitted before starting a tour. In case of foreigner identification document should be submitted one month before travelling. Every participant is required to fill a registration form and indemnity bond prior to the commencement of the trek.
  • For offline mode after finalizing the trip 50% payment will be taken in advance and left 50% payment will taken on arrival of troop.
  • For online booking mode, after finalizing and selecting the trip full payment will be taken in advance through payment gatway.
  • The travel  agency will not responsible or accept no liability for any damage, losses and expenses suffered by any client as a result of sickness, quarantine, weather conditions, war, strikes, riots or any other cause outside our control.
  • In the event of any dispute, all matters will be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Chamba (HP) and the prevailing law of India shall prevail. Recourse to the courts of any other state or country will not be applicable.
  • During trekking as height is gained the percentage of oxygen in environment will decrease, so Trekker should be physically, medically fit and Mantly prepared for trekking and should have to submit medical certificate for high altitude trekking before the trip begins.
  • Full introduction with Tour Guide will be given before starting tour. The number of guides will be depending upon the Strength of traveller.
  • The decision and action of tour guide will be final during trekking, and should obey the instruction given by skilled and experienced Tour Guide.
  • Tour Guide firstly tries or gives full chance to troops to familiar with the local environment. They will not go directly or instantly to the higher altitude.
  • Use of any type of Polythene bags is banned in Himachal Pradesh (INDIA) so doesn’t take any type of polythene during trekking.
  • Any type of liquor or wine is not allowed during trekking.
  • Tents, along with mat, sleeping bag and trekking equipment will be provided by the travelling agency.
  • Personal luggage will be carried by the trekker. If porters are required, will be available on extra charges.
  • Purely vegetarian meal be provide as per package . The schedule and place of meals will be final by tour Guide.
  • Carry personal medicines and first aid kit for use in the event of an accident or illness.
  • Trekker / Traveller should obey the holy laws, forest acts and other Government laws during travelling.
  • After using temporary toilets at camping sites always fill them up with mud or sand.
  • Under any conditions do not harm the forests, wild and plant life.
  • Remove shoes while visiting Temples.
  • Do not interfere in the day to day lives of the locals and do not take any photographs without permission.
  • Do not wear clothes of loud colours to eliminate any chances of exciting the locals.
  • Do not wander alone in the forest and refrain from teasing animals.
  • Never leave lit cigarettes or any kind of burning in the forest area.
  • Do not take off your clothes inadvertently on reaching very high altitudes or spots to avoid exposure.
  • Allow the flora to flourish in its natural environment. Taking away of cuttings, seeds and roots is illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.
  • Never touch or remove religious objects and respect holy places.
  • By following local customs and respecting local etiquette you will be surely accepted and welcomed by the Locals.

Although we are here to serve you in each and every manner so be patient, friendly and sensitive remember you are a Guest and make your trip unforgettable and memorable for both the parties that’s you and we.

If you have any questions not addressed in the website, please feel free to contact us / email us at :   /

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India - 176315

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Dear Chauhan, Its was really a new and amazing experience for me to reach Manimahesh Lake in the month of May. The dream comes true for me as I never thought to reach but your experience team really handled me on snow trek. Thanks again to you and all your Anna Adventure Team. May Lord Shiva bless you for more heights in this field......

Swami Karunakarananda, Mysore, Karnatka

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